Cost and Vaccination Schedules Dogs or Cats Need To Enter India

Vaccination schedule for sending pets to India internationally

The immunization of pets helps prevent harmful infections. A pet must have received the necessary rabies and other harmful illness vaccinations before crossing international borders. Immunizations shield the animal and stop the spread of harmful and exotic diseases when a pet moves to a new nation.

All animals entering India must comply with the rabies and other animal disease vaccination requirements set forth in the country’s pet import legislation. For travel to India, dogs and cats must be at least three months old.

Domestic pets, such as dogs, cats, and birds, can be brought in by visitors, whether they are from abroad or India. However, importing animals or birds is subject to severe requirements for health certificates, which must be met.

Giving the following health certificate to the customs authorities will allow the clearance of one dog and a small number of other domestic pets, such as cats and birds, without being subject to Import Trade Control restrictions:

A health certificate attesting that the imported dog is free of Aujosky’s disease, distemper, rabies, leishmaniasis, leptospirosis, and, in the case of cats, both rabies and distemper. The certificate must be issued by a veterinary officer authorized to do so by the government of the exporting nation.

When importing dogs and cats from nations where rabies infection is known to exist, a health certificate must be presented that states the animal was vaccinated against rabies for more than a month but within 12 months of the trip’s departure with the nervous tissue vaccine or within 36 months with the chicken embryo vaccine, both of which have previous expiration dates.

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A certificate stating that the parrots had a complementary fixation test for psittacosis within 30 days previous to real embarkation and the results were negative is required in the case of parrots. Here is the list of vaccinations needed if you are bringing your dog or cat to India from another country:

Vaccination requirements for canines going to India

Pet dogs entering India must receive a rabies vaccination with an authorized anti-rabies vaccine. The vaccination should be current and given in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Between 30 days and 12 months before the date of travel to India, the rabies vaccine must be administered. A rabies titre test (RNATT) is not required for canines traveling by plane to India.

Additional vaccinations required for canines traveling to India include:

Dog distemper


The name of the vaccine, the batch number, and the date of vaccination should all be noted in your pet’s veterinary health certificate.

A pet dog will be screened upon arrival in India for symptoms of the following ailments:

Canine distemper and rabies

Canine infectious hepatitis

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Vaccination requirements for cats going to India

Pet cats must receive the recommended dose of rabies vaccination before traveling to India. Inoculation against rabies is required between 30 and 12 months after the date of travel. The RNATT for rabies antibodies is not required for cats to visit India.

Cats moving to India must also receive the following vaccinations:

viral rhinotracheitis in cats
Cat calici virus
Panleukopenia felis
When imported, pet cats are screened for the following illnesses:
Katzen enteritis
Panleukopenia felis
Disease of Aujeszky

Transporting pets internationally to India

It takes time and effort to move pets to India, and there is a lot of paperwork involved. Bringing your pet dog or cat to India might be challenging and confusing, especially if this is your first trip to India with a pet. Partnering with an IPATA-accredited pet travel agent who can guarantee a secure and comfortable journey will help you reduce the stress of moving.

How much does it cost to get a dog from India to USA

To give you an idea, the projected cost for flying with a small dog via cargo within the same nation would be in the range of $270 to $300. If you own a large vehicle, air freight costs can go to about $1000 for domestic trips, but they may be higher for foreign flights.

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